Tectonic Precedent : Group Three

Design Education

Out of the five videos assigned for this week, four of them had to do with the questioning and critiquing of design education.  In the video of Thom Mayne’s presentation he talks that the potential of design has shifted with the digital environment.  He believes that teaching and practicing architecture are interchangeable.  He thinks that some of the challenges facing design education are the ability to look more broadly at things, and being able to work quickly and respond to a problem formation, which he believes students are ready for.  The Architecture Dean Javier Quintana proposes two challenges in architecture education, which are, resolving the gap between the education and professional world and making architectural education a bigger entity.  I think that it would be nice if the gap between education and the professional world wasn’t as big, because it would show students more opportunity.  Rob Gregory thinks that you can’t rapidly change the study of architecture.  I agree with this because I think that the education of architecture has to change over time, it can’t just be changed overnight.  I found the video with Preston Scott Cohen the most interesting out of all of the videos, because it helped me make sense of my design education.  He talks about one of the challenges of architecture education being to help the students recognize the value of .doing projects and studying things that aren’t connected to architecture immediately.  He also talks about doing what seem like useless things in education.  However, these things help with thinking and imagining, which will have an effect of how you operate as a designer.  These comments made by Preston Scott Cohen helped me realize why our studio projects are the way they are, and even though they aren’t necessarily directly related to the fields we want to be in for our careers, they are still teaching us a new way of thinking, which we can use in our careers.


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